Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Ok so I have been busy but have forgotten to post! I have been making no slip head bands. They have a fun ribbon on top (like glitter or animal print) and a velvet ribbon on the bottom and an elastic band connecting the ends!!!

I got the idea from my sister who runs a lot and has problems keeping her hair pulled back. I also have the same problem but because I have a small head (ha ha).

This one is a giraffe print.

I have also been working on upcycling some t-shirts and using my scrap material to make some cute clutches. I also have a problem with having something to put my stuff in when I go out, so I decided to fix that and use scrap fabric to make some. Right now I'm just working on getting a pattern made. (Thanks Carli for helping me figure that one out!!!)

Its also been a year since I started this little blog (too bad I can never remember to post haha). And its that time for Halloween costumes... I'm hoping Carli can help me create a Playboy Bunny costume... although The PlayBoy Club got cancelled. Maybe I should go as a Pan Am stewardess. Decisions decisions! At least I have a little bit of time!

Until next time!