Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Ok so I have been busy but have forgotten to post! I have been making no slip head bands. They have a fun ribbon on top (like glitter or animal print) and a velvet ribbon on the bottom and an elastic band connecting the ends!!!

I got the idea from my sister who runs a lot and has problems keeping her hair pulled back. I also have the same problem but because I have a small head (ha ha).

This one is a giraffe print.

I have also been working on upcycling some t-shirts and using my scrap material to make some cute clutches. I also have a problem with having something to put my stuff in when I go out, so I decided to fix that and use scrap fabric to make some. Right now I'm just working on getting a pattern made. (Thanks Carli for helping me figure that one out!!!)

Its also been a year since I started this little blog (too bad I can never remember to post haha). And its that time for Halloween costumes... I'm hoping Carli can help me create a Playboy Bunny costume... although The PlayBoy Club got cancelled. Maybe I should go as a Pan Am stewardess. Decisions decisions! At least I have a little bit of time!

Until next time!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hippos, and Crafts, and Steam Punk, OH MY!

So it has been awhile and I do apologize, but in this past month a lot has occurred! I took up some crocheting again and while at hobby lobby I found a leaflet for Vanna's Choice yarn. In that leaflet were patterns for crocheted animals or amigurumi. Well I fell in love with the super cute animals I had to get the little book and then found some dark sea foam green in the clearance section (oh how I love items on sale!) and of course since I'm at school I bought a crochet hook. Well I diligently worked on one of the animals (sometimes neglecting school work... oops) and 2 days later my cute little hippo arrived!

He's a super cutie and sits on my nightstand now! Next I forgot to keep putting pictures of my winners, and after a week I changed it to craft-a-week give-away. It made for things to be much easier. Well I then forgot to get pictures of my "winners" because it seemed more cool and "paying-it-forward"-esque to sneakily give things to people. They would find something hidden in their stuff and then would feel better about whatever and in turn that made me feel good. Hooray for warm, happy fuzzies! Well the last picture of a person I gave something to is my friend Bri. She's a really good artist (side note). I made a crocheted friendship bracelet.

A couple of weeks ago my theatrical productions class each had a tiny square of a larger picture and we had to recreate that square. The final product was a picture of the Ring Wraiths from Lord of the Rings where Frodo is wearing the ring and seeing the wraiths and they look like wisps of light. The final product turned out really cool and some of the images fit really well together!

I think we were all really proud of how it turned out! Mine is the top right corner. It didn't fit perfectly but it still looks super cool!

My really good friend from back home is really into dressing up for anime conventions and from her pictures it looks like she has a ton of fun doing it. There was one back home over spring break and I tried to go to it but I ended up getting kinda sick so had to pass. (I would've dressed up as Lara Croft) Well in my spontaneous nature and secret love of all that is steam punk, I fashioned myself some goggles out of leather scraps and other material.

I made the rims from old mason jars and the lenses are safety stained glass (so they still probably aren't the safest, but its not like I'm gonna use them on a motorcycle or anything). I hot glued some nuts around the frames and created a strap with a buckle out of suede strips. Let me tell you those things were so hard to work with. I bent 2 needles trying to sew them so I said screw it and just hot glued them ha! The nose piece is a little weak so I'll probably end up soldering it before I actually attend the convention over the summer. On the inside of the eye caps I put some imitation sheepshide so it would look like actual aviation goggles. I'm pretty proud of them. I found a couple pictures online and created mine like that. I can't say it was all my idea. Next up I'm working on a double watch cuff also in the steam punk style. I'll hopefully have those done by the weekend! I still have to buy fabric for my costume and my boyfriend's costume since I will be dragging him with me (evil giggle).

Until next time, happy... we'll say crafting!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Craft-A-Day Give-Away!

Ok so to keep myself sane until I graduate and since I don't have my sewing machine in Iowa anymore :( I have decided to opt-in to this "craft-a-day give-away". I heard about it a long time ago and I thought to spread a little kindness and craftiness I'm going to create something each day and then give it away the next day. Now these are fast simple projects like friendship bracelets and crocheted amigurumi creatures, etc. I started yesterday (I wish I would've started on Tuesday but sadly I did not).

My first "winner"(yesterday) was my friend Anna. I made a beaded zig-zag friendship bracelet!

My second "winner"(today) was Taylor! I made a monkey bookmark.

Tomorrow will be a surprise. What did I make, who will be the lucky "winner"???? It is a mystery!

Until tomorrow, happy stitching (or whatever else you might be working on) :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well over Christmas break I made a skirt for my sister. I kinda botched it due to the fact that I was altering a pattern and don't have much experience with it. Then I decided to leave my sewing machine in Texas for the semester. I don't know what I was thinking but it wasn't very smart.

I've turned over a new leaf and am now going to be doing lots of crafts. Recently I got the urge to make bookmarks, probably because I am in a literature class and of course unless you are going to read a whole book in one day you need something to hold your place. Usually I just use an old receipt or a movie ticket stub. This time it was monkeys!

Sadly my scanner isn't working so I took a picture of it. Its sideways because thats the only was it would fit and not look so shiny. I know the picture sucks but it'll have to do at the moment.

Next project... a picture frame. No hints here it's a gift for a reader!