Thursday, March 3, 2011

Craft-A-Day Give-Away!

Ok so to keep myself sane until I graduate and since I don't have my sewing machine in Iowa anymore :( I have decided to opt-in to this "craft-a-day give-away". I heard about it a long time ago and I thought to spread a little kindness and craftiness I'm going to create something each day and then give it away the next day. Now these are fast simple projects like friendship bracelets and crocheted amigurumi creatures, etc. I started yesterday (I wish I would've started on Tuesday but sadly I did not).

My first "winner"(yesterday) was my friend Anna. I made a beaded zig-zag friendship bracelet!

My second "winner"(today) was Taylor! I made a monkey bookmark.

Tomorrow will be a surprise. What did I make, who will be the lucky "winner"???? It is a mystery!

Until tomorrow, happy stitching (or whatever else you might be working on) :)

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