Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well over Christmas break I made a skirt for my sister. I kinda botched it due to the fact that I was altering a pattern and don't have much experience with it. Then I decided to leave my sewing machine in Texas for the semester. I don't know what I was thinking but it wasn't very smart.

I've turned over a new leaf and am now going to be doing lots of crafts. Recently I got the urge to make bookmarks, probably because I am in a literature class and of course unless you are going to read a whole book in one day you need something to hold your place. Usually I just use an old receipt or a movie ticket stub. This time it was monkeys!

Sadly my scanner isn't working so I took a picture of it. Its sideways because thats the only was it would fit and not look so shiny. I know the picture sucks but it'll have to do at the moment.

Next project... a picture frame. No hints here it's a gift for a reader!

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  1. I flippin LOVE my picture frame!! It really brings out the bushiness of our mustaches :{D