Friday, June 15, 2012

A Dress For All Seasons

So my sister is obsessed with pinterest (she even has a board titled "Who is making these for me?", which I can only take to mean "Samantha, when are you making these for me?"), and she found this really cute dress how-to. With much feet dragging we finally found fabric that she liked and I got started.


As for differences in mine I put a slit up the back seam from the hem to the middle of her knee (it made it easier to walk and move around in) and I used Velcro in the sash. I think oversized buttons or toggles would be a more high end look. I'm looking for fabric to make this for myself (I want to make a shorter version for myself) so I'm going to try toggles on the sash the second time around. I'll probably end up making another one for my sister too. 

These are also available for order! 

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