Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ballerina's Dream

So my sister's birthday was a little while ago. Being the kid at heart she is, and a tinkerbell loving girl, I decided to make her a tutu. She has always wanted one that she could run races in and bike in during rides and such so I made it my goal to make her the most amazing tutu ever! Here is the result:

That is her friend Pia on the left. She was so excited when I dropped it off at the camp she was a councilor at. Her friend's liked the end product so much that they wanted one too! Two of the girls have birthdays around the same time as her so they asked for them too!

Gold, green, blue

Orange, red, pink

I think they really liked them! I have a ton of tulle left and a ton of elastic left so if anyone wants a tutu for themselves leave a comment!


  1. I'm seriously considering making one of these for my daughter in the next year! Yours turned out super cute!

    1. If you need any tips let me know! They were super easy and I made them while watching TV in like half an hour... practically no-sew (just sewing the elastic together) and the tulle was looped/knotted on. I can post a tutorial if you are interested.