Monday, October 1, 2012

R2D2 Trashcan!

Dave and I were browsing Pinterest the other day and we came across an ETSY listing for a R2D2 trashcan. It looked simple enough so we decided to try and make our own. At first we thought about painting on the designs but then there was the mess of sealing the paint so it didn't chip, and that the original can looked like the shapes were stickers or something. We finally decided on self adhesive vinyl, just seemed easier! We found the trashcan at the Container Store for $5 and the vinyl was at Hobby Lobby (10 feet for $7.99 but it was half off when I went!)

Here is what it looked like after the first night...

The final product!

I have a crap ton of vinyl left over so if any one wants one then let me know!

Also this weekend a friend confessed that they are a fan of my blog and it really really made my day! I felt so good about stuff haha. I really created this blog just for myself but it was really cool to hear someone else reads my blog besides myself and Dave.

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