Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ABC party!

So first off happy Labor Day!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, mine didn't have enough crafting hahaha. It did have a lot of organizing. I started to move into my new crafting space/office. It's very exciting!

I did have the pleasure of making Anything-But-Clothes costumes for Dave and me for a party on Saturday! Dave had the most awesome idea to make our costumes out of play money (I was thinking of making them out of different color trash bags, his idea proved to be much better).

I made the clothes out of a black garbage bag first and then we taped fake money from Dollar Tree. Over all they cost us a total of like $4.00! The hard part was the crotch in the shorts. It took a lot of tape and garbage bag haha. We taped the dollars like roof tiles right on to the bag!

Other people at the party had duct tape outfits and another couple had costumes made out of paper bags.

Until next time, happy crafting!

1 comment:

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