Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mason Jar Bank

So I was cleaning out the area where my new sewing space/office will go and I found a whole bunch of change. I kept thinking to myself where am I going to put all this change???? Well I had a few mason jars just laying around so I figured I'd make one out of those. This is also a super cheap craft, mason jars are only about $2.00 at Hobby Lobby!

For this project you will need:

-Mason jar with lid
-Cutting tool that can cut through metal
-Marker (not pictured)
-Sand paper (not pictured)

So first you take the insert of the lid and measure the largest coin you will be placing in the bank (I used a dollar coin) and measure an opening on the lid so that the coin would fit if there was a hole there.

Next use the cutting tool (I used a box cutter/razor blade, and it took quite a while to cut through the lid and left it not so pretty looking) to cut out the outline of the opening. Once the hole is cut take sand paper and sand down the rough edges.

Next replace the lid and add your coins! Congratulations, you have just made an easy mason jar bank! Keep it by the washing machine to catch all that loose change or by the door for end of the day filling! I know this tutorial sounds silly but hey maybe someone will get some use out of it, and I had fun making it!

Until next time, happy crafting!

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