Monday, November 19, 2012

Bean Bag Chairs!

Sorry for the late update for the past 2 weeks I was one the set of the new season of Dallas. I'm just an extra but I made a ton of connections and met some really awesome people, who knows it might lead to  bigger and better roles!! On set I've been knitting and I have an awesome project I've almost finished (Post coming soon)! Other than that I finished a pretty cool set of bean bag/foof chairs for Dave and his family!

I found an update on them here. She had the basic pattern shape on there so if you are good with making your own patterns and figuring out sizes you could probably just do that. I on the other hand am fairly new to pattern making of the top of my head and what I've done so far is super basic so I went to the original author's site and bought the pattern. The pattern was only $8.00 and came with a ton of helpful insights. I wish I had bought the pattern before I bought all my fabric and notions, Dave thought he might be able to figure out the pattern on his own since it was symmetrical. Thankfully I bought 4 yards of fabric of all my pieces but my zipper was a bit small (and we ended up ripping a seam when we tried to stuff it) but we made it work.

Like the author said you could go as cheap of expensive as you want with these. We bought more expensive fabric but we used an old pair of foof chairs for the stuffing (We even have a bit left over I might make another for my game room!). Our are filled with foam pieces instead of the stuffing the author used.

These are the most popular chairs to sit in, haha. We made the large size chairs and that sits an adult comfortably, just not as enveloped as the kids in the tutorial pictures haha. Overall they were a huge success! I will warn you, they are a bit time heavy it took me about a day to make one (I made an insert and the cover).

Until next time, happy crafting!


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    1. Thank you for stopping by! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, my life got SUPER busy all of a sudden!