Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Wreaths!

It has been wreath season! Not just Christmas wreaths but all kinds! I'm in the process of making another one of the flag wreaths for my grandmother! If I get it done in time I'll send it for Christmas, but if not her birthday is in February!

Earlier this week I got an order for another Cowboys wreath! It was very exciting! I've had a total of 3 orders since I started my blog so everyone is very exciting, haha! My friend ordered the wreath but much to my dismay every where I went was out of silver deco mesh! I would've thought red or green or white would be gone but no, it was the silver! I had to improvise and was a bit weary of how she would like it since it didn't look exactly like my first one. But she LOVED it! And her boyfriend LOVED it too! So all is well!

I put more stars on this one and added a cute football!

Also I made another wreath for my grandmother. Her favorite color is blue, like a turquoise blue and while shopping for silver deco mesh, my mom and I came across a beautiful turquoise deco mesh. We promptly searched the Christmas section for add-on's (sine everything was 50% off) that weren't too Christmas-y! I think we did great!

I love that this wreath is so simple but has a ton of color!

 Close up of the birds.

 Close up of the cross.

Close up of the bow. I love how this ribbon has undertones of the turquoise and white!

Until next time, happy crafting!

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